Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO) Change of Company Name - Core Lithium Ltd

🕔11/12/2018 3:09:43 PM

Emerging Australian lithium developer, Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO) is pleased to announce that the Company has received a Certificate of Registration on Change of Name from ASIC and its name is now Core Lithium Ltd.

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Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO) New Lithium Intersections at Lees-Booths Link Prospect

🕔11/12/2018 9:45:46 AM

Emerging Australian lithium developer, Core Exploration Ltd (ASX:CXO) (FRA:7CX) is pleased to announce new exploration results for drilling between the Lees and Booths Prospects that supports the exploration model that the two prospects are geologically linked.

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Investigator Resources Ltd (ASX:IVR) Investigator Receives A$0.66 Million R&D Tax Refund

🕔11/12/2018 8:54:21 AM

Investigator Resources Limited (ASX:IVR) is pleased to announce it has received A$657,958 as a tax concession for the 2017/18 year under the Federal Government's Research and Development ("R&D") Tax Incentive program.

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Environmental Clean Technologies Ltd (ASX:ECT) 2018 Annual Report to shareholders

🕔11/9/2018 8:26:05 AM

Environmental Clean Technologies Ltd (ASX:ECT) provides the 2018 Annual Report to shareholders.

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White Cliff Minerals Ltd (ASX:WCN) Supplementary Prospectus

🕔11/8/2018 6:36:16 PM

White Cliff Minerals Ltd (ASX:WCN) supplementary prospectus (Supplementary Prospectus), intended to be read with the prospectus dated 16 October 2018) (Prospectus), issued by White Cliff Minerals Limited (ACN 126 299 125) (Company).

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Kingston Resources Limited (ASX:KSN) AGM Presentation

🕔11/8/2018 5:23:35 PM

Kingston Resources Limited (ASX:KSN) provide the 2018 AGM Presentation.

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Minotaur Exploration Ltd (ASX:MEP) Breaks Through With New Model For Copper Under Cover

🕔11/8/2018 2:08:16 PM

Story By David Upton: David Upton is one of Australia's leading writers on mineral exploration. He has BSc in Geology and is the author of The Olympic Dam Story.

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