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BetTube Corporation Ltd (NSX:BOX) On-Market Buy-Back Program

🕔9/6/2023 11:40:00 AM

BetTube Corporation Ltd (NSX:BOX) advises that, at its Board of Directors meeting held on 5 September 2023, the directors approved the Company's On-Market Share Buy-Back Program (Program) for 2023-2024.

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Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) Half Year results Investor presentation

🕔8/28/2023 9:03:27 AM

Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) is a wireless technology provider that supplies our own mission critical wireless networks to the public safety, utilities and resource sector. The company also licenses key technology to over 20 other wireless equipment manufacturers globally.

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Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) Half Yearly Report and Accounts

🕔8/25/2023 8:30:18 AM

Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) has delivered scheduled milestones on the LMR-IWF deployment with Samsung for the AT&T Firstnet project in the United States and are moving into the "Controlled Introduction" stage of the project in H2.

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GoConnect Limited (NSX:GO8) COVIRIX Medical and Numolux Group Enter Strategic Partnership

🕔8/23/2023 10:15:00 AM

GoConnect Limited (NSX:GO8) advise that COVIRIX Medical and Numolux Group have entered into a strategic partnership for anti-viral drug development platform.

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Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) Trading Update - Revenue Guidance

🕔8/23/2023 8:11:24 AM

Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) is pleased to provide a trading update and revenue guidance for the financial year ending 31 December 2023. All amounts are in USD.

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CTG Fibersway International Limited (NSX:CFW) Completion of Disposal of Subsidiary

🕔8/16/2023 11:16:00 AM

Directors of CTG Fibersway International Limited (NSX:CFW) advise that the disposal of its indirectly-held 100% interest in the equity capital in CTG Electronics to Jinhu Gutean Shoe Co has been completed.

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Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) First Half FY2023 Results Webinar

🕔8/9/2023 2:53:01 PM

Etherstack plc (ASX:ESK) advises that David Deacon (CEO) and David Carter (CFO) will be hosting an investor webinar at 11:00am (AEST) on Monday 28 August 2023 following the release of its first half financial year 2023 results for the period ending 30 June 2023.

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GoConnect Limited (NSX:GO8) Quarterly Activities Report

🕔8/1/2023 8:27:00 AM

The Directors of GoConnect Limited (NSX:GO8) provide the following report for the quarter ended 30 June 2023.

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Etherstack Plc (ASX:ESK) Signs Funding Agreement with Icom

🕔6/29/2023 4:45:23 PM

Etherstack plc (ASX:ESK) advises that it has entered into a 4-year loan agreement with its long term strategic partner Icom Incorporated of Japan to borrow US$2.5m to strengthen working capital.

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Betmakers Technology Group Ltd (ASX:BET) Concludes On-Market Share Buy-Back

🕔6/28/2023 10:02:24 AM

BetMakers Technology Group (ASX:BET) (OTCMKTS:TPBTF) advises that, following the announcement lodged on 24 June 2022, it has concluded its on-market share buy-back of up to 10% of the Company's shares.

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